Next Generation Perimeter Security with Reliable Alarm Management

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The integrated solution of MOBOTIX Thermal and Video technology, significantly reduces false alarms and will define the future of perimeter security.

The attached solution guide takes a look at perimeter security protection for every day, in all types of weather.

It talks about the challenges experienced with outdoor surveillance, with detection of relevant images in order to trigger actions, and demonstrates a cost-effective video security solution, using MOBOTIX Dual-Thermal technology.


Perimeter Protection: Every Day of the Year. In any Weather.
The term perimeter protection is defined as safeguarding the surroundings of a building, facility or installation and includes the protection of the outer zone as part of a complete security concept.
Depending on the protection level and structural conditions, a reliable and effective security solution is required which is able to recognize reliably and immediately potential threats around the clock, every day of the year, in any weather. In order to minimize the possible time of intervention in difficult and extensive terrain, an early detection is as important as the avoidance of false alarms in adverse weather conditions (e. g. poles moving in wind,rain, snow fall) as well as the possibility to integrate 3rd party sensors for example with MOBOTIX functional boxes. Reliable
motion detection even in complete darkness without costly installation and maintenance and the differentiation of objects are just some decision criteria for a modern and intelligent perimeter
solution from MOBOTIX.

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