Born out of the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks in 2001, Rajant recognized the paramount importance of robust, fail-proof communication networks during critical times. With this vision, they embarked on a journey to develop the Rajant Kinetic Mesh® network, a distinctive solution that stands apart from other wireless mesh networks available.

Rajant’s product portfolio is a testament to their pioneering spirit in creating adaptable, scalable, and instantly deployable private mobile broadband networks. Their unique “living” mesh technology is fully mobile, ensuring seamless broadband connectivity that adapts and evolves based on operational demands. This dynamic, fail-proof connectivity is indispensable for facilitating digital transformation in various operational environments.

Across diverse sectors like Mining, Oil & Gas, Ports, Transport, Utilities, Smart Cities, and Emergency Services, Rajant’s solutions have proven vital. By ensuring uninterrupted communication even in the most challenging conditions, Rajant plays a crucial role in the digital evolution of these industries, optimising operations and enhancing safety and efficiency.

Madison Technologies is an exclusive Kinetic Mesh Distributor (KMD) for the Asia Pacific region.

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