Industrial IoT technologies enabling the smart cities of the future

Smart cities are increasingly utilising IoT communications technology, remote surveillance and edge devices to monitor assets, air quality, public safety and pedestrian traffic flows. We design solutions that use the power of industrial communications technology to capture data and securely transfer it, so that it can be analysed, visualised, and contextualised, and used for informed decision making.

How our Smart Cities and Infrastructure customers benefit from our solutions

Work towards sustainability and green-city goals

Get real time data inputs to drive your smart city initiatives combating air, water and noise pollution and improve waste management and sanitation via internet-enabled rubbish collection, bins and fleet management systems.

Higher quality of life for citizens

By bringing together the best of technology and comfort, smart cities create environments where the citizens can have improved experiences, such as traffic lights that are all green during a busy commute, or lower rates bills due to effective use of resources. These small positive changes increases the overall morale of a city, leading to an overall increase in happiness.

Promote economic growth and enhance economic competitiveness

As smart cities give their citizens access to safer, happier living conditions, it is only natural that more people will want to move into smart cities. Smart city investments are playing an increasingly important role in enhancing cities’ regional and global competitiveness to attract new residents and businesses.

Confident and progressive city plans

With data collected from thousands of devices across the city, use analytics and visualisations to see hidden trends, patterns, correlations and preferences that can be used to improve infrastructure, public utilities, council services, and more.

Partnering with best-in-class technology companies to create purpose-built solutions

Our range of communications and networking equipment can integrate with and improve legacy network infrastructure or enable scalability and future growth in new builds and expansions as operational technologies evolve.

We’re trusted by a range of best-in-class brands including Bosch,  Rajant, Cisco, Moxa, Captis, Mobotix, Teltonika  and Cybertec to deliver robust communications and networking technology solutions. By delivering real time visibility, security, and automation, our customers have the confidence the right data is going to the right people, so they have the correct analytics and insights to empower business decisions.

Our portfolio of robust and ruggedised products are built specifically for critical operational environments

We combine our technologies to solve IIoT, industrial networking, cybersecurity, asset management and asset visibility challenges.

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