Camera-Integrated Video Analysis

Analyse Movements – For Marketing And Security Purposes

MxAnalytics makes it possible to collect statistical behavioral data on people and objects via video analysis. This is done by defining recognition zones and counting corridors. The camera then records how often the object crossed each counting corridor within a specified period. Hemispheric MOBOTIX cameras achieve the best results for camera-integrated video analysis.

  • Automatic counting corridor and heat map reports
  • Counting objects that move in a predefined direction
  • Detection of unexpected movement patterns within defined areas
  • Live analysis decentralised in the camera, without network load
  • No additional devices like computers, servers, or black boxes required
  • Easy configuration and intuitive operation for the user
  • Comes standard with MOBOTIX single lens cameras

Heat Maps

View of Frequently Visited Areas

Which shelves in the shop are attracting the most customers this Saturday? Which paintings by the new artist capture most of the visitors’ attention? which waiting areas in the departure hall are preferred in the afternoon? All movements of objects of a particular size are recorded and evaluated, either in the living image or in a previously defined detection area, via video analysis to provide answers to questions like these. The frequency of movement is shown visually by means of different colours within a heat map.

Counting Corridors

Count People and Objects (Statistics)

You can define counting corridors to find out, for example, how many people walk in and out of each entrance of a shop of the course of a week. The camera records how often each counting corridor is crossed within a specific period. The reliability of the count depends on:

  • the similarity of the sizes and shapes of the persons or objects in the image,
  • the distance between these (in terms or time or spatial distance)
  • how effectively they can be visually distinguished from the underlying background
  • how close the counting corridor is to the centre of the image (camera focus)


Behavioural Detection I

MxAnalytics Expansion for Q26, c26 and S26

Behavioural detection allows events such as recording and alarm calls to be triggered by special movement of people.objects in the image area that are unexpected or undesired for the application scenario and which require an immediate response. For example, a notification can be sent to the branch supervisor when a customer has been waiting for four minutes at a supermarket cash register.

Behavioural Detection II

Detectable movement patterns that can trigger events
  • Corridor: if an object crosses a counting corridor
  • Duration of stay: if an object is detected for a long time and it says in the image area longer than the configured time
  • Opposite direction: if an object moves in a direction opposite to the pre-defined main direction
  • Turning: if an object changes its direction between 45º and 135º
  • U-turn: if an object changes its direction by more than 135º
  • Speed: if an object moves faster than the prescribed speed limit
  • Forbidden entry: if an object moves in a digitally blocked area

Behavioural Detection III

MxAnalytics Expansion for Q26, c26 and S26

The accuracy of position recognition of objects is around +/- 20 centimetres. Behavioural detection is only available for Q26, S26 and c26 camera models with a hemispheric 180º lens (B016) with day or night sensors operated in ceiling installations.

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