Control Solutions

Founded in the USA, Control Solutions, Inc. has been at the forefront of crafting networked control products since 1995. With expertise in building automation, facility management, and commercial automation, the company has made significant strides in these areas.

The company boasts a range of control products specifically designed for building automation, facility management, telecommunications, and remote oversight. Over the years, Control Solutions has seized every chance to refine, expand, and bolster its mainstream offerings.

Since 2005, Control Solutions has been a pioneer in integrating objects with the Internet. The rising interest in the Internet of Things (IoT) in recent times, coupled with the easy and cost-effective availability of cloud-based services, has further propelled their mission. The company remains dedicated to evolving its offerings, ensuring swift access to cloud-integrated web services for clients.

The Babel Buster IoT Gateways, a product of Control Solutions, transforms your devices into integral parts of the IoT landscape. This tehnology plays a pivotal role in the digital transformation journey of businesses and industries. In an era where digitalisation is not just an option but a necessity, their products, especially the Babel Buster IoT Gateways, act as bridges connecting traditional systems with modern cloud and AI platforms. By enabling devices to be a part of the vast Internet of Things landscape, businesses can harness real-time data, optimise operations, and drive innovation. This seamless integration of physical devices with digital ecosystems allows organizations to be more agile, responsive, and future-ready, embodying the essence of digital transformation.

For those in Australia, Madison Technologies proudly distributes the Babel Buster line of products from Control Solutions.