Captis by Kallipr

Captis by Kallipr is an IoT solution suite delivering asset-to-asset communication and remote monitoring capability, allowing your business to easily maximise uptime, reduce operating costs, and improve sustainability.

Captis provides the edge in IoT-enabled data logging across a range of industries. A universal solution for remote monitoring and measurement over cellular networks, Captis data loggers can be connected to a variety of sensors, meters, and gauges for use across a range of applications.

With connection to IoT networks (Cat-M1 and NB-IoT) and power options to suit any application, data logging intervals can be set to as little as every 5 minutes with the flexibility of lengthier interval options as needed.

Compact and lightweight, each Captis device can be easily installed in any location, and with up to an IP68 rating, can withstand harsh elements and extreme temperatures.

Madison Technologies is a distributor of Captis in the Australian region.

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