Mobotix Energy, Utilities and Mining Solutions Guide

Great responsibility requires great solutions.

Energy supply companies, power plants, sewage treatment plants, waste and recycling industries, mining, oil and gas production have one thing in common: Nowhere else packs quite such a punch, there is no place for beating around the bush. What you need is a sophisticated, hands-on, all-inclusive video system solution that reliably masters major challenges, because:

  • When something happens, it’s “big”
  • Accidents can cost lives
  • Repairs can quickly run into the millions
  • Seconds can be critical
  • High risk of consequential damage (e.g. black out, supply shortage, etc.)
High-End Video Systems – Made For Extreme Environments

Video surveillance offers comprehensive solutions for smooth operations and maximum security at all levels.

As a person in charge of an energy, utility or mining company; you need highly professional support that can withstand the toughest conditions. Because if something happens, it becomes big, dangerous and expensive. We want to avoid this together with you.

MOBOTIX does much more than just provide surveillance cameras. They provide you with perfectly tailored package solution that is customized to your company and your industry. Individually and to the point. Because every project is unique and incomparable.

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