Leverage IIoT technologies to gather operational data in real time.

Digital Transformation has become a business imperative in the resources industry. We design solutions that use the power of industrial communications technology to capture data and securely transfer it, so that it can be analysed, visualised, and contextualised, and used for informed decision making.

How our Resources customers benefit from our solutions

Gain greater operational predictability

Use the insights from the data you capture to manage your business with more confidence. Reducing the unpredictability factor allows you to predict your overall performance with greater clarity.

Achieve zero harm goals

With safety and environmental goals major concerns for the resources industry, connecting people, assets and the environment through digitisation can reduce the risk of harm to your people and your operations.

Maximise uptime and increase productivity.

A minute of downtime is a minute of lost output. Proactive maintenance of your assets through monitoring allows for reduced downtime from unnecessary scheduled maintenance or unexpected vehicle failures through better-planned maintenance scheduling.


Partnering with best-in-class technology companies to create purpose-built solutions

Our range of communications and networking equipment can integrate with and improve legacy network infrastructure or enable scalability and future growth in new builds and expansions as operational technologies evolve.

We’re trusted by a range of best-in-class brands including Bosch, RajantCiscoMoxaCaptisMobotix, Cybertec and Teltonika to deliver robust communications and networking technology solutions. By delivering real time visibility, security, and automation, our customers have the confidence the right data is going to the right people, so they have the correct analytics and insights to empower business decisions.

Our portfolio of robust and ruggedised products are built specifically for critical operational environments

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