Verge Solutions

Verge Solutions is the world’s premier measurement instrument engineering and manufacturing company that has provided measurement solutions to every industry, resolving many process measurement tasks.  Established in 1973 and with over 20000 unique sensor solutions supplied, Verge Solutions has a wealth of experience to draw on in meeting the demands of IoT now and into the future.

Verge Solutions has a range of sensor solutions that have been developed to work reliably with the Captis data loggers.

Verge Solutions recognise that IoT demands more robust, yet at the same time more affordable, solutions than traditionally required by factories, and we manufacture, procure, adapt, modify and value add to every sensor that we onboard. Creating calibration and programming software, setting templates and many other features that make the adoption of solutions more practical and easier. Solutions include almost every parameter, in contact and non-contact style.

Madison technologies has been appointed a distributor of Verge Solutions products.

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