Verge Solutions

In the digital transformation era, sensors have emerged as the linchpin of advanced measurement processes, and Verge Solutions stands as a global leader in this domain. Since its inception in 1973, Verge Solutions has pioneered the engineering and manufacturing of measurement instruments, delivering over 20,000 unique sensor solutions that fuel the digital advancements across various industries.

Recognising the pivotal role sensors play in the IoT ecosystem, Verge Solutions has meticulously developed a suite of sensors designed for seamless integration with data loggers from Kallipr. These sensors not only cater to traditional factory demands but also address the evolving needs of the IoT, striking a balance between robustness and affordability.

To further facilitate the digital transformation journey, Verge Solutions goes beyond mere manufacturing. They curate, adapt, and enhance every sensor they introduce, developing calibration and programming software, setting templates, and introducing features that simplify the adoption process. Their comprehensive sensor portfolio encompasses a vast array of parameters, available in both contact and non-contact styles.

Madison technologies has been appointed a distributor of Verge Solutions products.