Australia’s water security is already significantly influenced by climate change and as the world’s driest inhabited continent, Australia is especially fragile.

The use of Industrial IoT (IIoT) technologies can help digitise water management, representing water savings across all industries that depend on this vital resource, from agriculture to tourism and from farming to urban dwellings. Utilising connective technologies to aggregate data from operational assets enables real-time asset monitoring, troubleshooting, and reporting, proactive alerts and insights for pre-emptive maintenance and increased resilience and efficiency.

How our Water Utility customers benefit from our solutions

Greater predictability

A better understanding of downtime and rate losses will give you greater predictability and greater confidence that you can meet your future production targets. Being able to better predict your overall performance, means you can manage your business with more confidence. With real time visibility you also reduce the chances of blockages and leakages not being identified, resulting in even greater predictability.

Better resource utilisation

Reduce unnecessary technician visits by only sending them out when they are needed. Continuous monitoring means you can move away from fix-as-fail to a more proactive predictive maintenance regimen, meaning less disruption and better productivity.

Increased margins

Digital transformation can extend return on existing investments, which is especially helpful in an environment with long asset lifecycles and constraints to new capital expenditure. The combination of increased yields and lower costs of maintenance all contribute to improving your bottom line.

Lower your cost of maintenance and reduce downtime

Old infrastructure has a tendency to fail and must be visually inspected. However, sending crews out is costly and time consuming. Remote monitoring is a more efficient way to monitor and maintain your assets. Centralised, continuous real-time monitoring allows you to proactively repair and maintain equipment, improving uptime and customer service.

Partnering with best-in-class technology companies to create purpose-built solutions

Our range of communications and networking equipment can integrate with and improve legacy network infrastructure or enable scalability and future growth in new builds and expansions as operational technologies evolve.

We’re trusted by a range of best-in-class brands including Bosch, Rajant, Cisco, Moxa, Captis, Mobotix, Cybertec and Teltonika to deliver robust communications and networking technology solutions. By delivering real time visibility, security, and automation, our customers have the confidence the right data is going to the right people, so they have the correct analytics and insights to empower business decisions.

Our portfolio of robust and ruggedised products are built specifically for critical operational environments

We combine our technologies to solve IIoT, industrial networking, cybersecurity, asset management and asset visibility challenges.

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