For generations, customers have trusted Bosch Security and Safety Systems to deliver quality products and innovative technologies. Founded on November 15, 1886, by Robert Bosch in Stuttgart, Germany, Bosch is known for being a multinational engineering and technology company that produces a wide range of products and solutions.

Madison Technologies is proud to be a Bosch distribution partner with a strategic focus on the Industrial IoT and OT markets.

After investing in Artificial Intelligence for decades, In 2018 Bosch announced the establishment of a dedicated AI centre with a team of over 100 experts in various AI-related fields. Bosch is now integrating AI into various products and solutions, including smart camera systems for industrial environments.

The Bosch range of cameras can capture images and video in real-time, and use AI to analyse the data at the edge, in real time. The system is designed to identify and track objects, detect motion, and recognize faces and license plates. This enables the system to provide real-time insights and alerts to users, allowing them to take proactive action to prevent incidents or improve efficiency.

Bosch products, software, and services are built on trust, supporting predictive analytics, giving you the “Power to Predict”.