MOBOTIX video technology makes skiing safer

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Protect People. Monitor Operations.

MOBOTIX systems can help make skiing safer by: 

  • Counting people automatically
  • Detecting overcrowding in specific areas
  • Facilitating social distancing
  • Detecting masks
  • Detecting concerning body temperatures

Six key areas in Ski Resorts where you can protect people and values and monitor operations with MOBOTIX video technology:

1 – Access to the lift

The ski lift is a place where a large number of people tend to gather. MOBOTIX systems can detect overcrowding in in specific areas and whether people are wearing masks. Access can be controlled using display screens or automatic turnstiles, for example. On-site announcements can be made too.

2 – Inside the lift

Wearing a face mask that covers the mouth and nose is mandatory, especially in closed gondolas. Video systems in the gondola can monitor this and automatically issue alarms or announcements if this rule is not observed.

3 – Lift/Mountain Station/Slope

MOBOTIX cameras can detect crowds of people and failure to observe mask-wearing rules around the mountain stations too. Weather-resistant MOBOTIX video systems are already being used as webcams or in weather stations on and around the slopes. This allows skiers to go online and check the weather conditions and how busy the slopes are before heading out. MOBOTIX cameras can also be used to monitor the slopes.

4 – Hotels and guesthouses

MOBOTIX thermal cameras at the entrance or in the reception area can detect individuals with a high temperature without physically touching them. If a guest’s temperature is cause for concern, they may be subjected to further examination.

5 – Gastronomy and retail

In restaurants and stores, it’s often the case that only a certain number of guests/customers are allowed in a specific area at a time. MOBOTIX systems at the entrance/exit can count people automatically and control access automatically too, for example via display screens (traffic light system) or by linking to the controller for the door or turnstile.

6 – Public areas and spaces

Social distancing is important in communal areas and pedestrian zones. MOBOTIX cameras can detect masks and issue overcrowding alerts.

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