MOBOTIX HUB – The Expandable Video Management Platform

Reach new levels of video intelligence. With the open MOBOTIX HUB video management platform, the possibilities are endless. MOBOTIX HUB integrates the ever-growing variety of intelligent video analysis tools from top developers around the world. MOBOTIX HUB will change the way video technology is used. It is the platform that gives you the perfect overview to secure, control and improve your business.

Versatile & Customised

For companies of all types and sizes

MOBITIX HUB is a video management platform (VMP) for businesses of all types and sizes. It integrates all elements of state-of-the-art video surveillance systems – even in highly complex structures and across multiple locations. You can choose the video management platform of your choice from five different levels (application packages) and switch to a different level if required.

Scalable & Flexible

An infinitely expandable open system

As an open system with ONVIF compatibility, MOBOTIX HUB can connect additional video installations and new techniques continuously. MOBOTIX HUB already supports over 10,000 devices and will continue to grow. In addition, you can use the system to integrate a wide range of intelligent software application for additional functions. MOBITIX HUB is virtually infinite. It expands as your needs increase, and it constantly opens up new worlds.

User-friendly & clear

Everything at a glance

MOBOTIX HUB combines security and analysis cameras, access control systems, security systems, sensors, software, and hardware interfaces to industrial systems and much more in a common control and user interface. You have flexible access options – that are centralised, transparent, and user-friendly – via mobile devices, laptops and PCs through the comprehensive video wall.

Secure & reliable

Protect against unauthorised access

All our solutions are made for secure end-to-end communication, so your data is always protected. Because cybersecurity measures are constantly evolving, access rights can be precisely defined, controlled, and updated. The MOBOTIX HUB VMP software offers a whole matrix of security mechanisms.

Effective & useful

Best protection and valuable analysis

Intelligent use of collected data makes MOBOTIX HUB an excellent system for protecting people and property effectively. It also lays the foundation for changing behaviour and improving business processes. This saves you money and ensures an excellent return on investment.

Everything from a single source

A strong team for your successful mission

MOBOTIX is your single point of contact to a wealth of expertise and experience. With its network of partners, MOBOTIX can meet all your business needs form choosing the right video management platform and reliable, best fit equipment through installation and supporting seamless, long-term system operation.

You Determine The Altitude

MOBOTIX HUB – five levels for different requirements

Video security systems exist in every shape and size, from a few local cameras to thousands worldwide. That‘s why MOBOTIX HUB comes in five levels for different needs. It enables you to organise your video surveillance effectively and centrally – even with multiple locations. Always remain flexible and scalable with a very simple license model: one license and one price per device. This gives you the freedom and scalability to add cameras and other devices as you wish in the future.


Has full basic functionality even as a free version. With support for up to eight cameras, MOBOTIX HUB L1 is the entry-level solution for smaller operations. No matter where you are, your system is just a click away.


Is the starter level for smaller businesses with one location. L2 manages up to 48 surveillance cameras and supports easy integration of video into exiting business operations. It is suitable for applications like retail stores, parking lots or office building with moderate security requirements.


Is the solution for medium-sized businesses. It supports unlimited cameras and can be distributed across multiple locations. The software allows you to manage all serves, cameras, and users centrally. MOBOTIX HUB L3 supports camera-based edge storage to minimise loss of video material. The solution is mainly used in places like schools, museums, hospitals, and production facilities.


Is for medium and large installations. In addition to the features of MOBOTIX HUB L3, L4 provides access to failover recording servers in the event of a server failure. MOBOTIX L4 also offers centralised management for unlimited serves, cameras, and users at multiple locations. With multi-layer site plans, alarm handling and operational integrated video wall support the solution is deal for live surveillance such as in warehouses and stadiums.


Is the video management platform for large and high-security applications. In addition to centralised management of all servers, cameras and users across multiple locations, L5 includes control for a professional video wall that provides a high-quality overview. With its fail-safe recording server, MOBOTIX HUB L5 is targeted at companies and facilities that require continuous, 24/7 access to live video recordings, such as at airports and casinos.

Test MOBOTIX HUB for free!

Permanently as a free entry-level version

In addition, MOBOTIX HUB L1 can be used permanently as a free entry-level version.
This way, you can test and use the user-friendliness of MOBOTIX HUB with up to eight cameras
extensively and for an unlimited time.

Test L2 – L5 now free of charge

The MOBOTIX HUB Levels L2 to L5 are available on request for 30 days free of charge and without any restrictions.
Take advantage of this opportunity to test the functions of the video management platform
extensively and without obligation.

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