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MOBOTIX Analytics AI recognises objects (people, animals, vehicles). The application reliably detects the movement of these people and objects. The camera records how often the object has passed through each counting corridor within a certain period of time.

Using the VMS MxManagementCentre, the numbers from several cameras can be cumulated, so that a total number is obtained for several counting corridors (e.g., entrances/exits).

The special feature of MxAnalytics AI is the Deep Learning based object recognition, which allows individual analysis, e.g. “count only people or only bikes”. Currently, the following object classes are detectable:

Person, Bicycle, Car, Motorcycle, Airplane, Bus, Train, Truck, Boat, Bird, Cat, Dog, Horse, Sheep, Cow, Elephant, Bear, Zebra, Giraffe.

In a heat map, the most frequented locations in the detection are color-coded. Furthermore movements in defined restricted areas can be detected.

  • Free of charge and license-free, unlimited use with any MOBOTIX 7 camera
  • Object recognition (people, animals, vehicles)
  • Motion detection in (defined) restricted areas
  • Person/object counting (optional: accumulated)
  • Creating Heatmaps
  • Auto-generated counting and heat map reports


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