Madison Technologies Partners with Bosch to Bring AIoT Cameras to Industrial Environments

June 5, 2023

Operational Technology Specialist Madison Technologies announces its partnership with renowned global technology company Bosch Security and Safety Systems. By combining Madison Technologies’ extensive knowledge of the regional Operational Technology sector with Bosch’s AIoT camera solutions, the partnership is focused on bringing the Bosch range of intelligent cameras to critical operational environments.

“This collaboration with Bosch demonstrates our commitment to offering our customers the latest advancements in Industry 4.0 technology,” said Paul Calabro, CEO of Madison Technologies. “By partnering with Bosch, Madison Technologies strengthens its value in delivering leading technologies that empower industrial organisations to capture data and securely transfer it so that it can be analysed, visualised and contextualised, and used for informed decision-making”.

AIoT cameras, which combine artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, offer numerous benefits in various applications, especially for our regions industrial sector, where remote and harsh environments create limitations for real-time asset and process monitoring.

With a 30-year legacy of offering resilient industrial technology solutions, Madison Technologies combines industry expertise with a best-in-class technology portfolio to provide purpose-built solutions that help organisations achieve their digital transformation goals.

“As our industry moves toward the next generation IoT technologies that combine AI with IoT, there are new possibilities for connected security devices beyond their traditional uses,” said Paul Donnelley, Business Manager, Oceania – Video Systems at Bosch Security and Safety Systems. “Madison Technologies have a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by organisations with critical operational environments, making them a perfect partner for Bosch as we seek to drive widespread adoption of our devices. Together, we can improve safety, increase operational efficiency, and deliver new business insights.”

Madison Tech announces partnership with Bosch Security and Safety Systems in Australia

L-R Craig Scott – National Manager Sales and Marketing – Madison Technologies, Paul Donnelley Business Manager, Oceania – Video Systems at Bosch Security and Safety Systems, Ash Khan National Manager Technology Solutions & Innovation – Madison Technologies.

The expansion of Madison Tech’s intelligent camera portfolio gives customers access to a broader range of capabilities to use Cameras-as-a-Sensor technology in their operations.

Camera solutions such as those from Bosch enable intelligent object detection and data to be captured, processed, and acted upon, keeping operational environments, staff and equipment safe and secure. Onboard edge computing keeps the physical processing of data at the site of capture, improving the speed and reliability of decision-making.

“With recent advancements in AI and camera technology, the ability to perceive and interpret the visual world becomes an invaluable tool for operational environments” said Ash Khan, National Manager Technology Solutions & Innovation – Madison Technologies. “We can now detect anomalies and optimise processes in ways we couldn’t previously. This enables users to understand their environment more deeply, respond to events proactively and ultimately, predict unforeseen or future situations”.

As critical operational environments continue to evolve and embrace digital transformation, the need for robust and intelligent camera systems becomes increasingly important.