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Bosch products, software, and services are built on trust, supporting predictive analytics and sustainable business practices. Their goal is to help security professionals, consultants, specifiers, and end-users along their journey to predictive solutions. So, they can respond before a potential situation occurs, or leverage business intelligence that goes beyond security.

Power to Predict

Imagine if we can predict unforeseen or future situations. We can prevent things from happening and strengthen the protection of people and property. Or uncover business opportunities that create new revenue streams or reduce operational costs.

Harnessing the Power to Predict requires making good and efficient use of the rich and versatile video data generated by video systems. Something we have embraced since the trend first emerged. Bosch solutions, like cameras, are offered with AI as a built-in standard. They can be connected to the IoT to support recurring revenue models via services and remote access and management via the secure Bosch cloud. All with one goal in mind – to ultimately give everyone the Power to Predict, so they’ll always stay one step ahead by knowing what’s next.

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Prevent potential incidents

Okay, we can’t predict what birds will do next. But by combining AI-driven video analytics and IoT, we can help your customers anticipate a whole lot more. Improving security and helping them find new business opportunities beyond security. That is the Power to Predict

Improve security

No, we can’t all be superheroes. But we can help your customers to always stay one step ahead. So they can strengthen their security, avoid potential damage, or find new business opportunities by gaining all sorts of insights from video data. That is the Power to Predict.

Beyond video security

Moving towards predictive solutions requires thinking beyond security to make more efficient use of the rich data generated by video systems. Like making video cameras understand what they’re seeing, and adding context to captured video. It means supporting informed decisions by consolidating, analyzing, augmenting, and visualizing data from multiple sensors. And using that data to tackle ever more complex tasks reliably. So we move one step closer towards predictive solutions with video systems from Bosch.

Get Data with AI

Of all the IoT sensors in the connected world, our video security cameras are the most versatile. The brains of any security system, they extract and interpret data from video footage to take security, personal safety, and business intelligence to a whole new level. It’s the reason we equip all Bosch video security cameras with AI-driven Video Analytics as standard. Because our cameras can understand what they’re seeing, they can convert video data into actionable insights and allow us to react to potential dangers.

Connect, Analyze, Visualize

All Bosch cameras connect securely to the cloud to create a robust ecosystem that supports remote monitoring, management, maintenance, and Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS). The ecosystem supports the creation of a decision center with a single, clear dashboard that offers a faster, more intuitive and reliable way to identify and respond to unforeseen, unwanted or future situations.

Rely on Data

Our advanced AI offers the same deep learning as Bosch intellectual property developed for automotive applications. It uses the latest, deep neural network-based Video Analytics to process high-quality, real-life data from the field. The deep learning algorithms recognize patterns to tackle even the most complex tasks faster, easier, and with accuracy levels beyond 95 percent.

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