The importance of Artificial Intelligence

First published by Bosch Security

The latest advances in artificial intelligence (AI) use machine learning and deep learning. They give cameras the ability to self-learn and enable built-in Video Analytics to be taught to detect customer-specific objects or situations.

They can also transform a task from requiring human input to a successfully automated one. And tackle more complex tasks faster, easier, and with greater accuracy. We continue to leverage the power of AI to enable users to understand their environment more deeply, so they can respond proactively. And ultimately, predict unforeseen or future situations.

Having the power to predict can prevent things from happening and strengthen the protection of people and property. It can even help to avoid potential damages and uncover business opportunities that create new revenue streams or reduce operational costs.

Bosch offers solutions in Human and Assisted review through:

  • Built-in Video Analytics
  • Highest image quality
  • Thermal imaging and metadata fusion
  • Extremely rugged designs

Automated review is also available through:

  • Camera Trainer
  • Deep learning

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