MOBOTIX Thermal Technology: Enhancing Safety and Efficiency

MOBOTIX thermal technology provides a cutting-edge solution designed to make heat and cold visible, enhancing fire prevention, safety, and operational efficiency across various applications.

Key Features

Early Fire Detection

MOBOTIX thermal cameras detect heat anomalies at an early stage, providing critical early warnings to prevent potential fire hazards. By identifying hotspots before they ignite, businesses can implement preventative measures, significantly reducing the risk of fire-related damages.

Quality Assurance

Maintaining product consistency and integrity is crucial in industrial processes. MOBOTIX thermal technology ensures quality assurance through precise thermal monitoring, allowing for real-time detection of temperature variations that could indicate defects or inconsistencies. This leads to improved product quality and reduced waste.

Perimeter Protection

Safeguard your property with advanced thermal imaging that detects intrusions effectively, even in complete darkness or challenging weather conditions. MOBOTIX thermal cameras provide reliable perimeter protection, ensuring the security of critical infrastructures and sensitive areas by identifying unauthorised access promptly.

Advanced Radiometry

The MOBOTIX Advanced Radiometry app elevates thermal monitoring to new heights with precise temperature measurement across multiple ranges. This app allows for tailored thermal analysis and event triggering based on specific temperature thresholds. Key benefits include:

  • Customisable Alerts: Set specific temperature thresholds to trigger alerts, ensuring timely responses to temperature anomalies.
  • Multiple Monitoring Zones: Monitor different zones within a single field of view, each with its own unique temperature parameters.
  • Data Logging and Analysis: Record and analyze temperature data over time to identify patterns and trends, enhancing predictive maintenance and operational efficiency.

Product Lineup

Mobotix M73 High-End Thermal Imaging Cameras


This high-end thermal camera offers versatile applications, making it suitable for complex monitoring needs in industrial environments.

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Mobotix S74 High-End Thermal Imaging Cameras

Part #: MX S74 Thermal Series

A flexible, modular camera system that can be adapted to various surveillance requirements, providing robust thermal imaging capabilities.

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