Maximize Uptime in Extreme Mining Conditions

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In an industry where even short periods of operational downtime can cause millions of dollars in losses, mining operators must be empowered to continuously monitor, manage and control their large fleets of high-value equipment, vehicles and personnel—wherever they travel across large areas of rugged mining terrain. Rajant Kinetic Mesh® networks enable these operators to meet the continuous production and safety mandates called for in the mining industry with unwavering network availability.

Watch the video to see Bob Schena, CEO and Co-Founder of Rajant, discuss how Kinetic Mesh® networks enable continuous, 24/7 connectivity to the condition monitoring software of vehicles and equipment across a mining operation.

Manage Machine-Intensive Operations with Real-Time Oversight.

An industry model for an open pit mine producing 80,000 tons of ore per day estimates the cost of
the required machinery to be in excess of $47.5M.(1) These high-value assets must be carefully managed to ensure uptime is always optimized, which in turn will maximize production.

By placing BreadCrumbs directly on these vehicles, shovels, and pumps, you can seamlessly link them together as part of an ever-moving Kinetic Mesh® network—gaining real-time information from each asset’s applications on status, efficiency, maintenance needs, and more, even as they move across and under your rugged topologies.

Optimize Maintenance Costs with Condition-Based Monitoring.

While most mining operators use a time-based preventive maintenance model, studies have shown that the forced maintenance timeline often leads to wasted costs, and in some cases even equipment damage. Rajant Kinetic Mesh® networks allow mines to move to a condition-based monitoring paradigm by bringing them the data needed to proactively monitor equipment health and deploy maintenance only when issues present themselves.

Real-World Functionality for Real ROI Results.

Rajant Kinetic Mesh® networks have been implemented in some of the largest mining operations around the world to reliably cover people and assets across all remote operations. Below is a screen shot of an actual Rajant mining network spanning 145 square miles with over 200 BreadCrumb nodes.

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