Moxa ioThinx 4500 Series IIoT Controllers & I/Os

Moxa - May 29, 2019

Delivery your I/O Data to the Cloud, Quickly and Securely

Tailor-made for IIoT applications, the compact, intelligent, and secure Moxa ioThinx 4500 Series IIoT controllers and I/Os provide I/O-to-cloud connectivity and IT/OT protocol convergence.

Moxa’s ioThinx 4500 Series products are IIoT-ready modular controllers and I/Os featuring programming capability, cloud connectivity, high computing power, and a system-wide cybersecurity design. The ioThinx Series is specifically designed for Industrial IoT applications to deploy your I/O data to the cloud effortlessly and securely.

Cloud Connectivity

The Moxa ioThinx 4500 Series supports MQTT protocols that can be connected to the cloud with a reasonable number of mouse clicks. If you are using a web HMI or NMS for data supervision on a private cloud, you can make the connection using a RESTful API or SNMP, respectively.

Auto Reconfiguration
You only need to make a few simple changes, with no reconfiguration effort required. Simply fine tune the modules you want to change, and keep the others as is.

The Moxa ioThinx 4510 Series is compliant with IEC 62443 level 1.

For more information download the Moxa ioThinx 4500 brochure or read more in our article Everything You’d Expect From Future-proof Remote I/Os.