Rajant Kinetic Mesh® for Connected Ports

Create Connected Port of Things

Rajant Kinetic Mesh® delivers robust, mobile-enabled wireless networks in ports that enable them to fully capitalise on the opportunities of industrial IoT, because the network is the assets – enabling full mobility and autonomy.

Bring IoT to Life with a “Network of Things”

Deploying Rajant’s ruggedised multi-radio BreadCrumb® nodes, equipped with InstaMesh® networking software, directly on a port asset – be it a vehicle, quay crane, camera pole, or drone – essentially turns that asset into a network node. This makes it the only solution to enable true autonomy in ports.

BreadCrumbs are able to communicate peer-to-peer via multiple simultaneous connections, sharing information back and forth in a fully mobile, highly resilient web of communications. What makes a Kinetic Mesh network ideal for today’s port operators?

What makes a Kinetic Mesh network ideal for today’s port operators?

  • Seamless Integration with Existing Investments

Kinetic Mesh is designed to flawlessly integrate with the diverse array of existing network infrastructure that your port is already leveraging, including satellite, fiber, copper, cellular, LTE, 3G/4G, PTP, and PtMP wireless.

  • Total Mobility, Port-Wide

BreadCrumbs maintain hundreds of peer connections simultaneously, even while in motion, and autonomously make new connections to other nodes as they come into range. No connections need to be broken for new ones to be made. Interference in ports can cause a major connectivity challenge – but not for Kinetic Mesh. If one path becomes blocked or interference is identified from container movement, equipment movement, or other operations occurring throughout the portside, InstaMesh dynamically redirects traffic over another available path, with the network automatically optimising itself as conditions naturally change.

  • Built-In Redundancy to Maximise Port Uptime

With node- and frequency-level redundancy and no LAN controller, Rajant’s network removes any single point of failure and gives data hundreds of potential paths to uphold continuous mission-critical connectivity. Its ability to maintain multiple simultaneous connections virtually eliminates downtime, with rapid scalability to hundreds of nodes. In fact, adding more nodes establishes more pathways to increase network resilience.

  • Military-Grade Security

Rajant’s network offers robust security capabilities, including multiple cryptographic options and configurable per-hop, per-packet authentication to protect your critical port data.

In addition to supporting efficiency and productivity gains, this technology can transform a port’s network into a strategic asset by providing the port-wide access, reach, and mobility needed to support next-generation applications. For example, by equipping autonomous or semiautonomous equipment with BreadCrumb nodes and device-specific command software, operators can communicate with and control remote equipment such as quay cranes and unmanned ground and aerial vehicles (UGVs and UAVs). It also enables real-time tracking of low power Wi-Fi asset tags so that containers, equipment, and people can be located instantaneously, improving port efficiency, security, and safety.