Securing Your Kinetic Mesh® Network

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Rajant Kinetic Mesh technology employs military-grade encryption to secure firmware uploads, mesh links, and wireless client data.

Mesh Links

Let’s talk about the ways to secure your mesh links. First, Rajant has end-to-end packet encryption and per-hop authentication. Both use either AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) or XSALSA 20. Both of these can use up to 256-bit encryption.

Packet encryption provides end-to-end privacy of your data flowing through the mesh, while per-hop authentication validates every packet at every node through which it flows in order to provide protection from spoofing or replay attacks. Because authentication steps occur at every node, it consumes more resources than end-to-end encryption, which only requires processing at mesh entry and exit.

AES is an encryption standard reviewed by the National Security Agency (NSA) and first developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This is an encryption standard that is widely used and accepted.  XSALSA is not as widely used as AES but also supports 256-bit key sizes.

Client Links

When securing client links, Rajant has various options available to you. Rajant offers WPA-2 Personal, which is the same security as your home wireless router may use. You can secure this with a simple passphrase. Then, there is WPA-2 Enterprise. This requires authentication from a RADIUS server and is extremely secure. Rajant also offers MAC Encryption, which is encryption for your media access control addresses which can protect against traffic analysis. Legacy standards-based options exist for client links as well, but these should be avoided unless absolutely required for compatibility with older equipment

Some other security measures you can take include disabling unused Ethernet ports through Rajant’s BC|Commander. Also, not enabling Wi-Fi Access Points unless absolutely needed. And ensuring that every ESSID is properly secured with the same level of protection as all of your other ESSIDs.

Keeping your Rajant Kinetic Mesh network secure is not difficult if you understand your options. Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh Technology can secure your proprietary data, prevent data analysis and unauthorised access, and keep your network safe.

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