Take Your Serial Devices to the Future of Networking

For businesses that want to get the most out of their data at field sites to improve operational efficiency, OT/IT convergence is the way forward. However, most industrial equipment uses serial interfaces as they have been a reliable and cost-effective option for system communication in the past decades.

Now, operators are questioning how long they can run with serial-based equipment, because Ethernet communication is one key to realize OT/IT convergence. Fortunately, solutions are available to bridge serial equipment to Ethernet networks. However, they must first overcome several challenges involving complex connectivity requirements. We offer three valuable tips to make it easy for you to keep your serial devices.

3 Keys to Extend the Life of Your Serial Devices

Update Connection Interfaces

A solution that bridges different connection interfaces between your serial devices and modern systems will help you save time and effort on replacing valuable assets.

Integrate Into Modern Systems

Modern systems feature a variety of operating platforms and industry protocols. A solution that easily integrates your serial devices into modern systems will keep your current applications running with minimal efforts.

Ramp Up Connectivity Security

Although connected serial devices provide you with valuable information, they also raise security concerns. A solution that enhances cybersecurity will keep your serial devices running and ease your concerns.

Get Your Serial Devices Ready for Future Networking

Moxa is the industry-leading serial connectivity solution provider, providing a variety of functions to help customers easily take their serial devices to the future of networking. Our serial connectivity solutions connect your serial devices to modern systems through a variety of connection interfaces and industry protocols. We continuously provide drivers that meet modern operating systems, and we take care of your connectivity security through embedded security functions.

Ready to Connect

Our serial connectivity solutions include serial-to-USB, serial-to-fiber, serial-to-Ethernet, serial-to-wireless, and protocol conversions, keeping your serial devices connected with versatile communication interfaces and protocols.

Ready to Adapt

Our serial connectivity solutions support a variety of operating platforms, such as Windows, Linux, and macOS, making it easy for engineers to integrate serial devices into different platforms.

Ready to Secure

Our serial-to-Ethernet solutions incorporate IEC 62443-4-2 standards. We have a variety of embedded security functions to enhance connectivity security for connected serial devices.

Your Long-term Serial Connectivity Solution Provider

Moxa is highly committed to serial product development. Since 1987, Moxa has invested millions of dollars each year to develop innovative and user-friendly products to serve our serial partners, and we now offer over 500 models of serial/USB connectivity products, becoming the industry-leading serial connectivity solution provider. As your trusted serial partner, we commit to provide a variety of serial connectivity solutions to enable connectivity for legacy equipment to the year of 2030 and beyond. We are not only investing in developing new communication technologies and connectivity security capacity to fulfill future networking requirements, but also keep on updating our existing product portfolio to make legacy devices easy to integrate with your modern systems. With our serial connectivity solutions, we can take your serial devices to future networking easily and securely.

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