The Need

As a provider of transportation services facilitating 80 million trips annually, the Adelaide Metro provides an important service to the people of Adelaide. With the impending shutdown of the Telstra 3G network, Adelaide Metro needed to transition over 2,000 3G enabled routers to 4G enabled devices to ensure the continuous operation of their services.

In conjunction with the upgrade, of a decision was made to roll out new VPE430 SmartRider payment machines, allowing customers to choose to use their Visa or Mastercard – including on their smartphone or other device – as well as their metroCARD to easily transfer between all Adelaide Metro buses, trains and trams, with a consistent experience and one type of smart validator aboard all vehicles.

Critically, during peak transit times, the communications backend of the payment system had to handle up to 400 payments simultaneously to enable passengers to transfer between a bus, tram or train without delay, ensuring the public transport network continued to service the people of Adelaide.

The Solution

The Cybertec 2155X router was chosen to upgrade technology and reduce data processing time. With 4G cellular capabilities, it ensures high-speed data transmission and uninterrupted connectivity.

Supporting various communication protocols, it integrates flexibly with different systems and devices. The router’s low latency and high bandwidth capacity are ideal for handling peak transit time loads on the communications backend.

Specifically designed in Australia for harsh conditions, it withstands extreme temperatures, humidity, and vibrations, making it suitable for outdoor and industrial settings. Its durability ensures reliable performance across the transportation network. Additionally, the router provides advanced security features, including encryption protocols and VPN support, ensuring data confidentiality and integrity during transmission.

Adelaide Metro benefits from the Cybertec 2155X router’s impressive performance and reliability, along with the advantage of local support. This guarantees timely assistance and expertise for any technical issues, providing peace of mind and efficient support throughout its usage.

Solution Overview

Seamless transition from 3G to 4G provides high-speed data transmission and uninterrupted connectivity.