PA GPS-1, High Performance GPS / GLONASS Antenna

Part #: PA A-GPS-0001-V2-01

GPS/GLONASS Active Antenna; 1575.42/1600 MHz, 21dBi
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Product Overview

Poynting’s new V2 version of the GPS-1 antenna offers a small profile antenna for use in the IoT/M2M and transportation markets, where rugged and accurate positioning and timing is required. This new enclosure for the active GPS antenna keeps implementation as simple as possible with its many mounting options. The GPS/GLONASS system frequency band is 1575.42/1600 MHz and operating at temperatures as low as -40ºC.


  • Small & Low-Profile (100mm x h 36mm)
  • Careful mechanical design provides ruggedness, corrosion, water, dust resistance (IP68)
  • Fire Resistant (complies with ECE-R 118.02)
  • UV Stable Enclosure
  • Easy installation; multi implementation options (as standard)
    • Spigot Mount
    • Magnetic Mount
    • Adhesive Tape Mount
    • Bracket Mount

Application Areas

  • Industrial automation, robotic machinery and other M2M systems
  • Transport, tracking (Busses, Utility & Public Safety)
  • Mining Vehicles & Machinery communications and positioning (M2M & IoT)
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Marine: small boats, yachts.
  • Clocking and timing systems
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