Madison Technologies

Sydney, NSW – 5 March

Melbourne, VIC – 7 March

Brisbane, QLD – 21 March

Perth, WA – 16 May

MT Solutions Day Series 2024

Technology Trends for Industry 4.0 Enablement

An insightful day of presentations and workshops, designed to guide you through the evolving landscape of Industry 4.0. Our sessions will showcase cutting-edge technological advancements and practical solutions for digital transformation in the industrial sector.

With a blend of expert talks and live demonstrations, this event is a unique opportunity to witness firsthand the power of advanced industrial technologies.


The event is ideal for Operational Technology Specialists involved in design and management of Operational Technology systems; Infrastructure and Network Managers maintaining critical systems; Asset Managers responsible for the management and maintenance of critical assets, and; Strategic Leaders driving digital transformation across organisations with critical operational environments.

Why Attend:

This event is essential for professionals seeking to stay ahead in a digitally-transformed industrial world. Whether you’re looking to enhance operational efficiency, bolster cybersecurity, or harness the power of advanced connectivity, this day is packed with knowledge and practical solutions to guide your journey.

Agenda Includes:

  • Discover Madison Technologies
  • Advancing Industrial Connectivity with 4G/5G
  • Maximising Efficiency with Camera-as-a-Sensor Technology
  • Fortifying Industrial Operations with OT Cybersecurity
  • Driving Operational Excellence with Edge Computing Solutions

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