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Industrial networks today are no longer air-gapped and immune from cybersecurity threats. Although deploying a firewall and segmenting networks is a good first step, how are Operational Technology (OT) engineers, who primarily work with industrial protocols and may lack sufficient IT security expertise, supposed to prevent cybersecurity threats from infecting and spreading across networks? After all, the cybersecurity landscape is constantly changing and goes far beyond blocking the spread of worms or unauthorized PLC commands.

Moxa’s industrial cybersecurity solution is specifically designed to secure industrial networks from both an OT and IT perspective to better address the surging market demand for a comprehensive cybersecurity solution for industrial networks. The solution includes critical IT cybersecurity technologies such as an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), a key component for defense-in-depth strategies, which has been specifically tailored to protect OT networks from cyberthreats without disrupting industrial operations. Read on to learn more.


Detect and Mitigate Cyberthreats for System Integrity

Protect Networks With Integrated OT-IT Technologies

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Moxa Industrial Intrusion Prevention System

Moxa IPS Protects Industrial Assets from Cyberattacks

Moxa’s industrial IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) features Moxa’s OT-centric Deep Packet Inspection technology, enhances IT network security visibility, and ultimately helps mitigate risks and protect industrial networks from security threats. Deep Packet Inspection can identify multiple industrial protocols and allow or block specific functions, such as read or write access. By effectively integrating OT and IT technologies, Moxa’s industrial IPS safeguards your critical assets from the latest cybersecurity threats.

How Whitelisting Control Works

In order to ensure that network activity on your industrial networks is authorized, Moxa’s industrial cybersecurity solution allows you to define granular access controls at different levels. You can define a whitelist of devices and IP ports that are allowed to access all or part of your entire network. In addition, you can also define the authorized protocol format to prevent unauthorized commands from passing through the industrial IPS or firewalls. Furthermore, OT engineers can even define which control commands can pass through the network to reduce human error associated with sending a wrong control command. With whitelisting control, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of a DoS attack by OT Trojans.

Industrial Cybersecurity Solution

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