MOBOTIX Security Intruder Monitoring


At Madison’s Head Office, parking bays were being used by people off premises and gaining unauthorised access after-hours. These incidents needed to be captured and automated attempts made to warn off offenders. Using the M16B from MOBOTIX, we were able to create a solution that allowed us to monitor after hours unauthorised access, without needing to view hours of recordings.

Mounting Location:

M16B camera mounted on front gate at 5m facing inside parking bays and covering access from the after-hours pedestrian gate.


MOBOTIX M16B was installed to detect intruder presence, capture video footage, and trigger a warning alarm. The solution includes the following products:

  • MOBOTIX lens – Left B&W 6MP L22/B041;
  • MOBOTIX lens – Right colour 6MP L22/B041;
  • Housing includes speaker, PIR sensor and SD card to store images. (MOBOTIX MxAnalytics is on the camera – no external server needed)
  • Moxa ED-P506E (Power supply to camera and network access)
  • Meanwell DR-75-48 (Power Supply for the POE switch)

How does it work?

The MOBOTIX M16B front facing camera with 2 optical lenses (Colour Day 6MP and B&W Night 6MP) was installed to monitor unauthorised people coming through the pedestrian gate after hours. Using the MOBOTIX MxAnalytics to preconfigure human object detection zones and movement in specified directions. A pre-recorded message to uploaded to be activated, warning offenders that their presence has been detected, security alerted and to leave the area immediately.

The Application

YouTube video

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