Distributor of Captis IoT and Verge Solution sensors

Madison Technologies is now a value-added distributor of Captis IoT and Verge Solution sensors.

Captis is a universal solution for remote monitoring and measurement over cellular networks – providing the edge in IoT-enabled data logging. The Captis IoT solution includes data loggers, data plans and a cloud management platform. The system is designed to provide a very cost-effective option for device and data acquisition, saving customers significant operating expenses needed for manual human-based measurements or inspections.

Captis data loggers can be connected to a variety of sensors, meters, and gauges for uses across a range of applications. Customers can securely and reliably connect to IoT networks (Cat-M1 and NB-IoT) with Captis Connect data plans, and easily manage and gain real-time visibility of devices with the Captis Cloud platform.

As the first NB-IoT device on the Telstra network, Captis data loggers are a proven technology that has been extensively utilised by Australian Water Utilities over the past four years.

As a well-established communication technology provider, the introduction of the Captis into the Madison Technologies portfolio means customers in Industrial and Transportation sectors can now easily access asset-to-asset Cat-M1 and NB-IoT compatible communication capabilities.

Madison Technologies has 30 years’ experience delivering communications technology solutions in Australia to the likes of mining, transportation, utilities, and other industrial sectors. The introduction of this new cloud-based technology is a natural evolution – offering Edge capability in an affordable package.

Transport authorities can use Captis to monitor water levels in sewers and drains on busy arterial or critical rural road networks. Captis devices can be installed along remote rail networks to monitor track temperatures and weather events. Industrial sites can monitor dust and air and water quality on site or remotely monitor gas pipeline pressure levels and refill only when cylinder racks are approaching empty.

As part of the onboarding of Captis IoT, digital sensor manufacturer, Verge Solutions, has been welcomed into the Madison Technologies brand portfolio as the preferred sensor supplier to the Captis range.

“The applications and possibilities for data capture is endless, as long as you can connect the appropriate sensor for your use case.” Henk Buchner, Verge Solutions MD, said.

Madison Technologies also notes that the Captis product rage qualifies as an Australian Made brand. Not only is the Captis firmware developed in-house by a team of expert engineers, but all product assembly is carried out in the production facility based in Brisbane.

For more information about the Captis range, and how it may help solve problems and improve efficiencies in your industry sector, please reach out to the Madison Technologies team.

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