Madison Group Enterprises FAQ For Madison Technologies Customers

What is happening at Madison?

David Redfern, Managing Director of Madison Group Enterprises (MGE), recently announced an evolution to the way Madison Technologies now operates. Under a new header of Madison Group Enterprises, four separate businesses will provide specialist solutions across existing industrial networking, broadcast and audio visual, cable solutions and IoT technology offerings.

Whilst they will retain the core Madison values, each business will have their own brand identity, providing specialist products, solutions, and services to each of their core markets.

The new businesses are:

New Business BrandSpecialty Areas
Madison Group EnterprisesBusiness & Corporate Services Group / Shared Services
Madison Technologies
Industrial IT & Communications, Telecommunications, Technical Building Services, Transport Solutions
Madison ExpressCabling & Connectivity
MadisonAVBroadcast & Audio Visual
mIoTIoT Technology

Why is the Parent Company name changing to MGE?

The restructure will allow each of our businesses to focus on specialist products, solutions and services to better serve customers in each of their defined markets and channels.

In trying to accommodate the vast array of customer requirements associated with a diverse business that Madison had become,  it became evident that the “structure” that had evolved since we started, was holding us back. We asked some of our customers to participate in a survey that we commissioned, to determine how we could better organise ourselves to service our client base in a more efficient, meaningful and effective way. The feedback indicated that Madison had a great range of products and services, but our offering was confusing and were not the easiest to transact with.

What is changing?

Madison Technologies Pty Ltd (ABN: 56 010 669 379) has changed its name to Madison Group Enterprises Pty Ltd.  This is only a change of company name and all other details remain the same. Same ABN, same addresses, same bank account and same phone numbers.

Several business names are now associated with this Parent Company and ABN, and include MadisonAV, Madison Express, and Madison Technologies.  All offices, contact information and warehouse details remain the same.

Madison Technologies will remain a Company name with a Specialised Focus

Madison Technologies is the name that will be most familiar to our Customers and Suppliers given that has been our Parent Company name since our inception.

As our Parent Company changes to Madison Group Enterprises, the new look “Madison Technologies” entity will retain the core Communications Technologies business made up of an amalgamation of compatible business units formerly referred to internally as Telco, Industrial IT & Communications, Technical Building Services and Transport Solutions.

The Madison Technologies entity will continue to operate as a design and engineering based value-added distributor of technology products and solutions for industrial, telecommunications and commercial applications.  We will continue to represent leading Global and National brands including Moxa, MOBOTIX, Cybertec, Rajant, Smartmicro to name a few (our full range can be found here) as well as our own in-house brands of manufactured products for the broader communications industry.

Madison Technologies is headed up by Paul Calabro as CEO. Paul has been with Madison for the past four years and is also responsible for our internal innovation group, Madison TechLab and the assembly and manufacturing group.

When will the changes occur?

You may have noticed some changes in the market already, however, the official brand changes will come into effect on Monday 3rd August, 2020.

What these changes mean for our customers

Do you need to apply for a new credit application?

No.  If you have an existing credit application with Madison Technologies, this is acknowledged by Madison Group Enterprises.  Therefore, you can continue to place orders with Madison Technologies, MadisonAV or Madison Express.  Please note that your credit limit is managed at a Group level.

Does the rebranding have any impact on existing agreements or contracts?

No. All contracts concluded under the former company name of Madison Technologies Pty Ltd will remain unchanged under the new name of Madison Group Enterprises Pty Ltd.

Does the renaming mean my internal contacts have changed?

No, all sales, support and accounts contacts remain unchanged.

What brand changes will you see?

You will now see the new company name Madison Group Enterprises, on your monthly Statements, as well as all correspondence from our Finance and Purchasing teams.  All other documents such as Quotations, Delivery Dockets, Order Acknowledgements, Invoices and Marketing material will reflect the brand of the business unit you are dealing with.

Are your quotes still valid?

Yes.  All open quotations within existing trading terms are still valid.

What name should you use on your purchase order?

You can continue to send your purchase orders to Madison Technologies, or the relevant specialist business that appears on your quotation.

Who should I send my Purchase Order to?

You can continue to send your purchase orders to your existing Madison contacts or the relevant specialist business.

 Contact NumberEmail
MadisonAV1800 00 77
Madison Express1800 66 99
Madison Technologies1800 72 79
mIoT1800 64 68

Does the new name mean new bank details?

No, the bank details remain unchanged.

Who can I contact if I have any follow-up questions?

If you have any further questions about these changes, please contact Madison Technologies Customer Connect team on Ph: 1800 72 79 79 or speak to your Account Manager.

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