Uninterrupted Low Power LTE Connections to Your Remote Devices

In the changing wireless landscape, industries and cities around the world are seeking reliable long-distance wireless solutions for their remote monitoring applications. LTE technology is commonly deployed in applications that require long-distance communication and device monitoring capability over a wide area.

OnCell 3120-LTE-1 gateways adopt LTE functionality together with Moxa’s GuaranLink technology to provide highly reliable, long-distance wireless connectivity. The ultra-low power consumption design makes the OnCell 3120-LTE-1 ideal for solar-powered applications while its industrial-grade security and rugged design provides dependable communications for serial and Ethernet devices connected to cellular networks.

Wide network coverage and low power consumption make the OnCell 3120-LTE-1 suitable for deployment in power-constrained long-distance wireless networks.

Key Features

Power Efficient

Low Power Consumption Enables Solar-powered Battery Operation

The OnCell 3120-LTE-1 provides two standby modes to reduce power consumption when the device is idle, enabling it to operate using solar power. The sleep mode effectively reduces the power consumption to less than 2 Watts. The OnCell can be woken up from the sleep mode using remote SMS control commands or based on a preset schedule. The hibernation mode reduces the OnCell gateway’s power consumption even more to less than 40 milliwatts until it is woken up based on a preconfigured schedule. You can wake the OnCell from hibernation mode by using the Schedule Management function.

GuaranLink Reliability

GuaranLink Enables Uninterrupted Connectivity to Your Devices

GuaranLink’s 4-tier connection check helps cellular devices automatically detect connection issues, such as an unresponsive base station or deterioration of the connection quality below an acceptable level, and trigger a recovery process to resume cellular connections before these issues lead to a complete network failure.

Secure Wireless

Secure Wireless for Remote Control

Moxa’s OnCell LTE gateways provide secure VPN communication in both server and client roles. Network protocols, such as IPsec,GRE, and OpenVPN, are supported to help you easily establish secure and reliable connections between two networks. The OnCell 3120-LTE-1 also meets the technical security requirements of the IEC-62443 security standard to provide high device-level security.

Easy Deployment

Easy Deployment and Smooth Operation

The powerful OnCell Central Manager software tool can easily configure and manage a high volume of remote devices over cellular networks including remotely rebooting and performing firmware upgrades. The dashboard provides visibility into device information and status while cross-platform monitoring can be realized by integrating the RESTful APIs provided by the tool into your applications.

OnCell 3120-LTE-1 Series

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