Industrial Networks Are Evolving. Are You Ready?

Facing uncertainty and fierce competition, businesses have sped up digital transformation to bolster the flexibility and resilience of their operations. By merging IT and OT systems, businesses can take full advantage of digital technology to enhance local, remote, and cloud-based operations. According to IDC’s IT/OT convergence survey*, more than 30% of organizations are planning to integrate operational data from systems such as data historian software, industrial control systems, and asset management into their enterprise data governance model for the first time. Seamless and real-time network communication is the key to turning data into a valuable asset and to ensure continuous operations.

To prepare for the future, it’s time for your industrial networks to evolve. Moxa is committed to helping industrial networks take the leap towards the next generation of networking. With Moxa, you can build future usability and reliability for seamless data transmission and integration needs. Our futureproof networking solutions are designed to help businesses seamlessly merge their IT and OT systems and prepare them for transitioning to a digitalized future.

*IDC WW – IT and OT Convergence Survey, 2020


Smoothen Your Transition to Future Networks

To meet future needs, businesses should not only focus on stable network connectivity, but also design the network to support seamless OT data connectivity. However, many companies hit a wall when trying to upgrade their industrial networks. To succeed and set yourself apart, you’ll need the help of an expert.

Struggling to develop network communications to support current and future needs?

Moxa’s reliable hardware and software can support current and future seamless data transmission and integration needs to sustain continuous operations.

Having a hard time keeping your OT systems intelligent and secure at the same time?

Moxa’s secure networking solutions will make it easier to protect OT networks from cyberthreats and maximize system availability.

Problems managing increasingly complex OT networks efficiently?

Moxa delivers intuitive software for simplified management to let you plan, manage, and maintain your network more easily.

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