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Dignity, respect, and responsibility are the cornerstones of healthcare. Whether it‘s a hospital, nursing home, or retirement home, the well-being and safety of patients, residents, and relatives is the highest priority. In addition being able to improve the conditions for doctors, nurses, and carers to reduce strain on staff is vital. Video technology can not only contribute to improving the overall operational needs but also increase efficiency.

Respect privacy

Discretion is particularly important in health and care. This is why the discreet MOBOTIX solutions include software with privacy functions that only allow you to look into the rooms during an actual event. Access authorisations can be controlled sensitively and precisely. The atmosphere for patients or residents should be unobtrusive so that no one feels uncomfortable.

A discrete hemispheric video system with a 360 view can monitor an entire room without gaps, discreetly. With intelligent video analysis tools for behavior detection and object and
person statistics, response time can reduce

Support in all areas

Learn more by reading the MOBOTIX healthcare brochure, here.

Security as a basic need

  • Fire prevention and smoke detection
  • Secure property, facilities & equipment (burglary, theft, vandalism)
  • Access control to sensitive areas (e.g., surgery, sterile zones, medication, data)
  • Secure areas

Personnel Support

  • Control efficiency with limited personnel resources
  • Multitasking – looking after many people at the same time
  • Documentation and help with OP’s
  • Prevent false alarms
  • Increase direct personal care

Taking care of people digitally

  • Detecting falls and people in need quickly
  • Protect privacy
  • Maintain freedom of movement
  • Promoting rest and recovery (e.g., quieter nights)

Optimise processes

  • Parking and access management
  • Monitor and control waiting times
  • Digital training and documentation
  • ROI – Return on Investment – Low maintenance reliable and energy saving

Safety & protection

  • Detection temperature ranges
  • Detect masks
  • Alarm overcrowding
  • Support social distancing

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