Harris Street DAS Project – Case Study

The project:

The Harris Street DAS project consisted of a multiple story mid rise commercial building, where several commercial tenants would require fast Internet speeds and mobile coverage throughout their occupancy. Madison Technologies was engaged by a leading electrical contractor in New South Wales to design and install a DAS project for their client.

The challenge:

Having the system designed and installed in a short period of time was the main challenge of this project. The decision to install a DAS System was left very late in the building process and when Madison Technologies was engaged, it was important for the client, that the DAS system was installed quickly and efficiently as the building was almost complete. Initially the client wanted to proceed with an Active DAS solution which was originally designed. However, once the lead carrier was approached for approvals on the DAS system plans, Optus (lead Carrier) advised a passive system would be a more cost effective and suitable option. Delays of this nature are common in the industry, so was important for Madison Technologies (as the DAS integrator) to be organised and well prepared once engaged, to ensure there was no additional delays during the installation.

The solution:

Madison Technologies worked closely with Optus as the lead Carrier to implement a passive solution for the client. Madison Technologies used a combination of superflexible foam, foam-dielectric coaxial cabling, connectors, power splitters, directional couplers, network combiner, 100 Watt termination unit and omni ceiling mounted antennas. The Passive DAS solution met the clients and lead carriers needs and expectations. Madison Technologies worked closely with the carrier in order to design a MCF2018 compliant DAS.

The results:

The Passive DAS system was implemented and met the needs and requirements of the client and lead carrier. The client was immediately able to reap the benefits of having high speed, reliable and secure coverage from all providers throughout their building. Madison Technologies’ relationships with Australian Carriers allowed the team to work closely together to address concerns and to consistently offer the best solution.

For more information and to read testimonials, download the case study here.

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