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Webinar Series | Refresh your IoT install base with Cisco

Learn how recent Cisco End of Sale Announcements in the Industrial Sector can help you upgrade your install base.

This Webinar Series reviews the Cisco Announcements in more detail and the recommended replacements as well as unpacks what Migration options are available and how Madison Technologies can assist as the Cisco OT Supplier Partner and IOT Advantage Specialist.

Each session includes a look at:

  • End of Sale Announcement In-depth: Understand the implications and examine the important milestones outlined in the Cisco announcement.
  • Detailed Migration Plan: Breakdown of the suggested migration plan and primary benefits within the updated product lineup.
  • Understand the migration paths: Explore how Madison Technologies can support your migration efforts or mitigate current assets, reduce downtime and commercial risks.


Join us at one or all of the sessions:

 13 March          Migrate IE-2000 Series switches to Catalyst IE3100

20 March          Migrate IE-4000 Series switches to Catalyst IE3400/IE3300

27 March          Migrate IE-5000 Series switches to Catalyst IE9300

  11 April            Migrate IW3702 & 1552H to Catalyst IW9167

17 April             Migrate CGR2000 to Catalyst IR8340 Industrial Routers


This event is tailored for Asset Owners and Systems Integrators who play a pivotal role in designing and deploying Industrial Technology and is recommended for persons contributing to asset management, operational technology, production, system/site maintenance, industrial control, and network management.

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