Cisco Industrial IoT Portfolio Brochure

The Cisco Industrial IoT Portfolio is designed to meet the needs of IoT industries, including manufacturing, oil and gas, utilities, transportation, mining, public sector, and others.

Bring Cisco scale and security to IoT

The Internet-of-Things (IoT) creates new requirements on network infrastructure. Organisations demand high-speed connections and extremely low-latency application response. Businesses need a flexible and scalable wired and wireless network infrastructure to easily deploy applications from the cloud all the way to the edge with fog computing.

Deploying IoT at scale isn’t easy. It requires configuring and managing countless assets and devices and dealing with complex operational and industry requirements. Moreover, it creates potential blind spots that increase your security risks.

Cisco Provides the most secure, dependable IoT portfolio on the market.

Cisco IoT network connectivity solutions offer:

  • Resilience at scale: Cisco networking solutions blend reliability with simplicity to help organisations quickly scale to meet the expansive networking needs of IoT without sacrificing existing infrastructure availability.
  • Integrated security: Cisco’s network-as-a-sensor approach integrates cyber security throughout the network, increasing security visibility and control.
  • Portfolio depth: Cisco networking solutions support IT and OT standards and protocols, helping to enable a consistent solution to be deployed throughout the extended network.
  • Convergence: Enterprises need their IT and OT networks to converge and provide seamless connectivity so that they can support existing and new business applications.

Stop worrying about the challenges, ensure the success of your IoT deployment; and start imagining the possibilities with Cisco IoT.

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