Captis Liquid Fertiliser Tank Level Monitoring


  • Difficult demand forecasting
  • Sporadic customer orders
  • Long lead times for customer orders


  • Accurate data to assist with demand forecasting
  • Visibility on upcoming customer orders
  • Reduced lead times and improved customer satisfaction

A major Australian chemical supplier based in Western Australia supplies liquid fertiliser to a network of more than 1500 farms throughout the state via their Energy and Fertilisers division. A typical supply process, the fertiliser supplier provided goods to their customers only when an order was placed. However, with such a large customer base this process made it difficult to balance supply and demand and maintain fair lead times. Additionally, with customers spanning the state, it was a challenge to coordinate delivery of goods efficiently and cost-effectively.

To improve their supply chain and customer service processes, the fertiliser supplier sought an alternative resupply method. In response to their challenges, the fertiliser supplier implemented a fleet of 250 Captis Multi devices across part of their customer base storing 20 or 50 kilolitre fertiliser tanks on their farms. Connected to a hydrostatic pressure sensor, the Captis Multi devices were configured to monitor the liquid fertliser level of the storage tanks, alerting the supplier when the level was low and prompting a resupply.

The Captis Multi was chosen due to the devices IP68 rating which can withstand harsh elements and extreme temperatures, essential for agricultural applications. Moreover, the NB-IoT cellular technology allows for reliable and comprehensive coverage, which is crucial for many of the remote locations of the customer farms.

By means of the new resupply process using tank level data provided by the Captis Multi, a more automated resupply solution was afforded to the fertiliser supplier and their customers. The data also allowed for more accurate demand forecasting resulting in improved supply and a reduction in lead times. The fertiliser supplier has now also deployed the Captis solution across other areas of their business to assist with supply and demand planning.

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