Captis Products Receive WaterNSW Certification

Two Captis products, the Captis Multi V1.2 and Captis Pulse 1.2, have received certification from WaterNSW for non-urban water meter monitoring. This ensures our partners in this space, like Sigsense and Aquamonix, can supply devices to farmers and other land-owners so they comply with the Department of Planning & Environment regulations on the amount of water that is extracted and utilized in non-urban settings.

In December 2018, the NSW Government introduced a new non-urban water metering framework to ensure robust and fair water management across the state.

Non-urban water metering is measuring water taken from regulated rivers, unregulated rivers and groundwater systems under a water access licence.

The plan relies on Local Intelligence Devices (LIDs) to be installed within all non-urban water meters by 2023, as they will provide data to help the Natural Resources Access Regulator undertake its compliance and enforcement functions.

As individual landowners are responsible for buying, cost of installing, and maintaining the telemetry device, a solution was required that was low-cost, easy to install, operated in the most remote areas and was able to provide the data required from the government bodies. As the device needs to connect into government platforms it must also meet top security requirements.

By combining a radar water level sensor, a solar panel and mounting bracket accessory kit, the Captis solution becomes an advanced LID that can remotely monitor water levels, has a long field life and meets all WaterNSW’s requirements.

The Captis device captures data on water levels and device diagnostics and stores that data in a secure cloud environment. The data is then available for both end-users and government bodies to easily access and action.

The solution is pre-configured and tested prior to deployment, ensuring ease of installation and a plug and play experience that allows the government-issued installers to easily fit the device and be up and running as quickly as possible.

With external antenna technology, the Captis device ensures further reach on the Telstra’s NB-IoT network – meaning connection can be assured in the most remote of environments.

With the best network reach on the market, the Captis Multi and Captis Pulse 1.2 devices ensure land owners and farmers in the most remote areas have a secure, cost-effective and reliable solution available to them. And most importantly, the certification means the manufacturer will play a part in seeing real and positive change to the management of NSW’s precious water resources.