Madison Technologies expands its connectivity portfolio with new partner Teltonika Networks

July 31, 2023

Madison Technologies announces its new partnership with Teltonika Networks, a global leader providing innovative connectivity solutions for critical operational environments. As these environments undergo digital transformation and embrace the advancements of the next-generation IoT technologies, this partnership with Teltonika Networks strengthens Madison Technologies’ position as a trusted provider of comprehensive solutions in the rapidly evolving industrial connectivity space.

With its deep expertise in the Operational Technology (OT) sector, Madison Technologies is uniquely positioned to understand the specific needs and challenges faced by businesses with critical operational environments. By partnering with Teltonika Networks, Madison Technologies furthers its offering of the latest products that support digital transformation.

The RUTX is a series of cellular and Ethernet routers designed for advanced industrial solutions.

“Madison Technologies’ deep understanding of the Operational Technology sector and commitment to delivering innovative solutions align perfectly with our mission,” said Giedrius Kukauskas, CEO at Teltonika Networks. “Together, we can provide comprehensive, future-proof connectivity solutions that meet the evolving needs of critical operational environments.”

As part of this collaboration, Madison Technologies is expanding its cellular portfolio to provide customers with broader capabilities. This includes access to 5G-ready devices, which will support Australia’s transition from 3G (due to be completed by June 2024), and Remote Management Services, enabling users to monitor and manage their connected devices from anywhere.

Teltonika Network’s RMS is designed to conveniently monitor and manage all of your Teltonika networking devices

“We are excited to partner with Teltonika Networks,” said Paul Calabro, CEO at Madison Technologies. “Their resilient and ruggedised solutions perfectly complement our expertise in the OT sector, allowing us to deliver comprehensive, connectivity solutions to our customers. Together, we are well-equipped to meet the evolving needs of critical operational environments and support businesses on their digital transformation journeys.”

Through leveraging Teltonika Networks’ advanced connectivity technologies and Madison Technologies’ in-depth industry knowledge, businesses can optimise their operations, increase safety and productivity and accelerate their digital transformation.