Rajant Sparrow BreadCrumb®

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Portable Wireless Mesh Network Node.

The Rajant Sparrow Breadcrumb is an IP67 Kinetic Mesh® network device intended for use in industrial IoT applications and light-duty vehicles. This portable mesh network node contains two transceivers with up to four external antenna ports and provides Ethernet and Wi-Fi access point interfaces to enable data, voice, and video applications with multiple mounting options.

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Utilising the Rajant Sparrow BreadCrumbs to Your Advantage

At Rajant, we solve your Wi-Fi and LTE problems by extending the range of standard Wi-Fi and LTE, enabling machine-to-machine communications to see around obstructions, and providing sitewide ubiquitous Wi-Fi coverage to connect to WI-Fi IoT devices including VoIP handsets.

The Rajant Sparrow is an IP67 Kinetic Mesh network device intended for use in harsh environments on everything from heavy-duty machinery to light-duty vehicles. Markets include mining, construction, airports, oil & gas, utilities, solar, wind, smart cities, and public safety. This is a robust product that can add connectivity to an existing network. The Sparrow can be deployed as a mobile or infrastructure wireless node.

This industrial network node not only offers reliability, performance, and scalability but also security to support virtually any application operating in outdoor environments. These BreadCrumbs adapt quickly to changing environments to eliminate communication gaps and provide higher reliability than any other wireless network available.

  • Housed in an environmentally robust metal case, the Rajant Sparrow provides operational ruggedness, outstanding shock and vibration characteristics, and a wide-range temperature rating.
  • Combines Kinetic Mesh backhaul, Wi-Fi access and layer 2 switching across interfaces in a single device
  • Outdoor-rated:
    • -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to 158°F) temperature range
    • IP67 rating for protection against dust and water ingress
  • Rajant’s InstaMesh® networking software, enables the network to quickly adapt to rapidly-deployed and quickly or constantly moving network elements
  • 2.4 GHz, 4.9 GHz, and 5 GHz radio frequencies supporting a wide variety of applications and environments
  • Up to 29 dBm (800 mW) transmit power for long-range connectivity.

  • Lightweight, portable, and low power consumption
  • Support for several strong cryptographic options used for data and MAC-address encryption and per-hop, per-packet authentication
  • High bandwidth for data, voice, and video applications
  • Scalability to hundreds of mobile, high-bandwidth nodes
  • Integrated Wi-Fi Access Point service for compatibility with millions of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) client devices such as laptops, tablets, smart phones, IP cameras, sensors, and other IP devices
  • Self-configuring operation for fast and easy deployments
  • Reliable and fast off-loading to Ethernet via multiple, simultaneous bridge-mode links through automatic Protocol Tunneling (APT) feature
  • Mesh Clustering allows per-BreadCrumb sub-meshes that will only mesh with user-defined nodes

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