Rajant in-line Security Module, Meet the RiSM.

Rajant RiSM is here, get military and government security for your commercial needs. Any data deemed critical to your business can and will be protected at a FIPS level.

The RiSM is a commercially available Hardware Security Module (HSM) that allows users to meet the latest NIST standards for encryption (FIPS 140-3) and requirements for protecting Sensitive But Unclassified (SBU) and Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) data.

By protecting data with RiSM, users benefit by limiting access to cryptography keys to just Crypto Officers and reducing the risk of compromised data from a security hack or the chance of being a victim in a ransom attack.

RiSM is easier to set up than any other HSM solution and more reliable than software solutions that require a multi-tunnel approach. In addition, encrypting and decrypting data with RiSM instead of a PC or network device frees up processing power on those devices and improves CPU and network speed when encrypting data.

Key Features:

  • FIPS 140-3 Certification: RiSM is currently under test and undergoing final FIPS 140-3 Level 2 certification testing.
  • High Throughput and Low Latency Traffic Cryptographic Processing: RiSM uses a programmable data-path processing core that is optimized for 256 AES-GCM encryption/decryption Layer 2 packet processing with very low latency throughput.
  • Hardware Security Module (HSM): that protects cryptographic keys by only allowing access to the Crypto Officer. With this strategy, you add a robust layer of security, preventing attackers from finding them. HSMs are specially designed to establish a root of trust, safeguarding and managing cryptographic keys and processes within a certified hardware environment
  • Power Over Ethernet (POE): RiSM is a low-power device and can be powered via either Ethernet interfaces. RiSM provides POE pass-through feature that allows downstream devices that are connected to RiSM, such as a Rajant BreadCrumb® Wireless node, to be powered from the same POE source.
  • Secure Enclaves via BC|Commander: RISM management support has been integrated into Rajant’s easy-to-use BC|Commander network monitoring and management application. BC|C allows for Secure Enclave configurations to be defined and then remotely applied to RiSM devices for initialization and keying. With RiSM’s BC|C support and POE capable interfaces it is simple to add RISM devices to and upgrade an existing BreadCrumb Kinetic Mesh network to meet NIST’s stringent FIPS 140-3 requirements.
  • Ruggedized Design: RiSM is designed and tested to meet the same industrial grade environmental requirements as many of Rajant’s BreadCrumb Wireless nodes. Thus, making RiSM suitable for nearly any installation location.

Meet the RiSM.

Rajant In-Line Security Module

Superior Military-Strength Security.

RiSM is fundamentally different and superior to other encryption strategies on network devices or PC’s. This high-speed Hardware Security Module (HSM) is faster than wireless network equipment deployed with encryption because it performs the encryption with a separate processor. It is a more secure encryption strategy than traditional PC based VPN or portable disc encryption because it is extremely difficult to hack with backdoored software updates, bootloader access, or unauthorized cryptographic algorithm modification. In addition, the RiSM is more secure because cryptography keys are kept with only the Crypto Officers, and not a wide list of users.

Problems To Solve

RiSM is ideal to expand capabilities for an array of markets.

Federal Agencies:

All agencies using cryptographic security systems to protect information in network-based systems

Utilities, Telcos, & Transportation

Need to comply with new federal requirements for securing critical infrastructure

Public Safety & Smart City Infrastructure

Making improvements to infrastructure security (some with federal BEAD funds) for securing critical infrastructure

Remote Offices


Need to comply with Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 that mandates data be encrypted with 256-bit AES

Health Industry

Need to setup and maintain a complex set of controls for HIPAA compliance (FIPS)

Network Designers

Have the burden to validate the encryption security on their own, proving High Assurance of their security

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