Soil Moisture Sensor

Part #: VS VSM-001

Soil Moisture & Temperature sensor has Modbus output, voltage input of 5-30V, a current draw of 10mA and a wake time of 0.1s. Measurement range is 0-100%,10 to 50 degrees.
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VSM-002 Soil moisture sensor is a high precision and sensitive sensor for measuring soil moisture. By measuring the dielectric constant of soil, the true moisture content of various soils can be directly and stably reflected.

Applicable to soil moisture monitoring, scientific experiment, water-saving irrigation, greenhouses, flowers, grass pastures, measuring the soil, plant cultivation, sewage treatment, food storage, greenhouse control, precision agriculture etc., as well as water content measurement in water conservation, meteorology.

Individually tested, high-quality reed switches protected against
extreme weather conditions and coated to withstand extreme frost or heat.

  • High precision measurement, rapid response, good exchangeability
  • Robust, corrosion resistant, can be used in the soil for a long time
  • Flame retardant epoxy resin curing, completely waterproof, can withstand strong external impact
  • Steel needles are made of high quality materials that can withstand long-term electrolysis and acid and alkali corrosion in soil
  • Power polarity protected
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