Captis Pulse Lite

Part #: CT MC601120AU000

Captis Pulse Lite: NB-IoT/CATM1 data logger with embedded SIM
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  • Overview

The Captis Pulse Lite is a basic entry level device typically used to support simple IoT data logging needs and use cases. The device is IP68 rated and includes a mounting bracket to securely fix the device in its end state environment.

Captis Pulse Lite External Antenna (EA) with both an internal antenna and additional external antenna to maintain signal requirements and reduced attenuation where the device may be situated underground or within a concrete box.

Key Features Include:

  • Up to 4 programmable external input channels via 2 x digital inputs
  • Configuration and device management via Captis Cloud or Azure IoT integration
  • IP68 rated ruggedised enclosure
  • Connectivity via LTE-M / NB1 (Cat-M1 & NB-IoT)
  • Internal lithium battery providing 5 years life or minimum 5,000 transmissions
  • External Antenna (+ Internal Antenna) with automatic switching functionality
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