Cisco Industrial Network Director


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Built to manage industrial networks, the Cisco® Industrial Network Director (IND) is designed to help operations teams gain full visibility of network and automation devices for improved system availability and performance.

Ethernet networks comprise an integral part of modern automation and control environments, and operations personnel are growing increasingly dependent on network monitoring to reduce unplanned downtime.

The Cisco IND provides operations-centric network management for industrial Ethernet networks. The system delivers an integrated topology map of automation and networking assets to provide a common framework for operations and plant IT personnel to manage and maintain the industrial network.

The system uses the full capabilities of the Cisco Industrial Ethernet product portfolio to make the network accessible to non-IT operations personnel. The simple user experience streamlines network monitoring and delivers rapid troubleshooting of common network problems found in industrial environments.

Feature Highlights

  • Bridge across PLC backplane to discover devices behind it
  • Dynamic topology of Industrial and Network assets, with support for DLR (Device Level Rings)
  • Plug-and-play server for zero-touch commissioning
  • Switch monitoring and troubleshooting with alarms
  • Switch configuration backup
  • Detailed audit trails to track adds, moves and changes
  • Rich APIs for rapid integration with industrial applications
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