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Reliable Connectivity for Mining Digitalisation

Mining operations are actively adopting automation, unmanned systems, industrial IoT, and AI technologies on their digital transformation journey to boost operational efficiency, safety, and business success. However, achieving seamless connection among machines, systems, and humans is challenging. Several issues listed below need to be considered to ensure connectivity in digital mines.

Key Considerations


Constant availability through wired and wireless connectivity, with high bandwidth, rapid redundancy, and advanced roaming capabilities.


Streamline operations through OT/IT data convergence, integrating multiple protocols and edge computing.


Real-time visibility of wired and wireless communication networks for efficient monitoring and management.


Strengthen cybersecurity in OT networks and comply with IEC 62443 for IT/OT convergence.

#Energy Diversity

Empower sustainable and hybrid power supply through stable communications among renewable energy, battery energy storage, smart grids and microgrids.

Trusted Partner in Mining Automation and Digital Transformation

Reliable automation in mining hinges on the stability of the communication networks. As a leader in edge connectivity, industrial computing, and network infrastructure, Moxa brings more than 37 years of industry expertise to the table. Moxa’s pioneering technologies and durable solutions are globally recognised, with successful deployments at mine sites worldwide. Moxa’s scope covers a wide range of mining operations, including autonomous vehicles, fleet management, underground extraction, environmental monitoring, process control, and the integration of hybrid power management systems for renewable energy and battery energy storage systems (BESS).