Interest in Flood Node prototype builds during Cisco Live 2022

Madison Technologies - December 8, 2022

The Flood Node prototype on display at Cisco Live 2022 in Melbourne.

After winning the 2022 Cisco Global Digital Sustainability Challenge Award for the APJC region in June with their Flood Node submission, Madison Technologies have been developing the initial concept and have created the first prototype.

The Cisco Global Digital Sustainability Challenge asked Cisco partners across the globe to submit their most innovative ideas focused on helping customers tackle climate concerns and achieve sustainability goals.

Since receiving the award, flooding has continued to be a problem across Australia and many parts of the world, highlighting the opportunity to use digital technologies to facilitate adaptation to climate change, so we can protect ourselves and our communities.

Flood Node runs on the Cisco Catalyst Rugged Router, and combines Internet of Things (IoT) technologies with flood data and mapping to create predictive flood warning systems, informing road users of not only the current flood levels for a section of road, with high visibility flashing LED lights, but also the predicted flood levels, providing a clear and easily understood early warning system that due to its digital nature, can be integrated into smartphone navigation and traffic apps, further increasing its effectiveness.

“Madison Technologies has always been passionate about solving real world challenges” said Paul Calabro, CEO at Madison Technologies. “Connecting and protecting people, assets and the environment is at the core of what we do. We’re excited that initial feedback on the concept has been so positive, and we already have multiple Councils around Australia interested in our pilot program.”

Conversations with various stakeholders continue to inform the development of Flood Node. As the IoT enabled predictive flood warning system not only receives data but also captures data points through its use of float sensor technology, it can be used by multiple agencies to contribute to their flood prediction and overall planning.

“Our current conversations include meteorologists, state emergency services, flood mapping providers and hydrology specialists” said Ash Khan, National Manager – Technology Solutions & Innovation at Madison Technologies. “At its core, Flood Node is about getting accurate data to the right place at the right time so the right stakeholders can make informed decisions, and keep people safe. We want to make sure we are talking to everyone who can benefit from this technology.”

Cisco held the inaugural Global Digital Sustainability Challenge in 2022 – and was overwhelmed with the innovative concepts they received from all nominations. Madison Technologies was honoured to be announced as the AJPC Winner.

“The Flood Node solution developed by Madison Technologies as part of Cisco’s Digital Sustainability Challenge is a fantastic example of Australian innovation in response to the devastating flooding across large parts of the country. Technology, together with applied innovation, allows us to address some of the most pressing environmental challenges, to adapt and mitigate against the impact of climate change,” said Ben Dawson, Vice President Cisco Australia and New Zealand. “The ability to digitise, connect and automate – then integrate into other platforms, further enhances and compliments existing flood warning systems.”

“Cisco’s commitment to helping their partners across the world build sustainably focussed technology solutions deserves recognition.” said Paul Calabro. “When you’re developing a solution that has the power of the Cisco brand behind it, you immediately gain a level of trust from potential partners and customers.”

At Cisco Live 2022 in Melbourne, Madison Technologies showcased the Flood Node prototype. The next steps in development will be to execute a testing program in live sites.

Madison Technologies is currently taking expressions of interest for proof of value and deployment. Contact us to learn more.