Industrial Cybersecurity: Monitoring & Anomaly Detection

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The Cisco Industrial Cybersecurity eBook shares a realistic and pragmatic vision of industrial security best practices to help you kick-start and protect your network projects.  Learn about the challenges of industrial cybersecurity and gain an understanding of IoT/OT cybersecurity threats and best practices.

The risk landscape

In the traditional IT world, the risk involves threats that would undermine the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data and systems. The impact is mainly financial, such as the cases of extortion, bank fraud or denial of service attacks distributed on web servers that are used by e-commerce sites.

Industrial control systems drive the physical world where operational technologies are used (called OT). The risk in ICS environments involves threats that would undermine the operational safety and the availability or even the physical integrity of the production tool.

Kickstart your industrial cybersecurity project

Why do specific procedures need to be used to protect industrial control systems? What typical threats are industrial operations facing?

Whether you need a precise view of your industrial asset inventory to start segmenting your network, or live monitoring of ICS application flows to detect intrusions and abnormal behaviors, Cisco® Cyber Vision can help you define your path forward and extend your cybersecurity policies to the operational technology domain.

Cisco Cyber Vision has been specifically designed for industrial organizations to gain full visibility into their industrial networks, so they can ensure process integrity, build secure infrastructures, drive regulatory compliance, and enforce security policies to control risks. Combining a unique edge monitoring architecture and deep integration with Cisco’s leading security portfolio, Cisco Cyber Vision can be easily deployed at scale so you can ensure the continuity, resilience, and safety of your industrial operations.

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