Cisco Industrial Networking

December 1, 2020
The network you know, the scale to take it anywhere

What if you could take your “indoor” network – that you know and trust – anywhere? What if you could securely connect your assets in outdoor or industrial spaces? What if you could manage it all from a single pane of glass? What if there was a simple solution that could do it all? Look no further, because Cisco Industrial Networking helps you do all of that with security, scalability, and agility.


In today’s world, data governs all aspects of business decision making, helping to improve operational efficiency and productivity across organizations. The implications of the pandemic are driving organization leaders to look to the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve not just efficiency, but also resiliency.

These concerns are accelerating the need for data and the connection of many more devices to the network. Resource-strapped IT departments must enable new deployment scenarios in places that are not traditionally supported such as in parking lots, warehouses, manufacturing floors and more. These spaces are often unheated, dusty, dirty, and wet. Not just any network will do.

Cisco® Industrial Networking is a full line of products with all the capabilities of the Cisco network you know and understand, but purpose-built for outdoor and industrial spaces. It enables you to meet the ever-evolving needs of business and securely connect your assets in any environment. This software-centric, scalable solution arms you with the security, automation, and agility to continuously embrace change and drive innovation at the edge and at scale.

Key benefits

Cisco Industrial Networking enables you to extend your network anywhere, providing:

  • Security: Manage security with policy-based automation, complete visibility and control, and assurance across all network areas.
  • Scalability: Leverage Cisco’s software-centric, automated approach to scale.
  • Agility: Shorten deployment cycles with the Cisco Catalyst® solutions you know. Manage all network devices with the same tools you already own and trust.
  • Flexibility: Deploy devices that can withstand dust, water, extreme temperatures, and vibration.

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