The Future of Smart Cities

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smartmicro traffic management radar sensors are easy to install on existing infrastructure. With multi-lane, multi-object detection devices, you will achieve high detection performance and excellent counting accuracy for moving and stopped traffic.

smartmicro radars precisely measure the position, lane and speed vector as well as the elevation of the objects in the field of view. No matter if the road is straight or curved. Thanks to ultra-high definition, you can classify traffic in seven classes – bikes, pedestrians, passenger cars, trucks or buses, transporters, long trucks and motorcycles – to increase safety for every single road user.  The sensors also provide estimated time of arrival, counts and various statistical data to optimise the flow of traffic in urban areas.

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One single smartmicro radar performs Stop Bar and Advance Detection for multiple lanes, saving on both hardware and installation costs.  The sensors allow adaptive control strategies at intersections due to the lane specific advance detection up to 350 metres. By enabling adaptive traffic light controls, you can contribute to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions caused by unnecessarily queuing of traffic and provide signal phase extension where needed.

Since the sensors are ready for any type of Car2X communication, real-time location of all traffic participants, speed vector, class information and additional data are measured.  This data will be broadcasted, received by Car2X equipped vehicles and automatically help to avoid accidents. The result is enhanced safety for all vulnerable road users.

The system is designed to work in almost all weather conditions. Superb performance during bright sunlight, at night, in fog, wind or sandstorms. Even in heavy rain and snow. smartmicro radars are the most robust, maintenance-free sensing technology available and the perfect replacement for loops and video detectors.  Reliably detecting all traffic, smartmicro sensors measure the queue length and allow the optimisation of traffic flow at any type of intersection. Less traffic jams, less congested streets, a reduction in travel time and improved safety will be the result.

Smart cities are our future. If you want to install truly smart traffic management smartmicro will enable it for you.

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