Moxa's Secure Routers, Firewalls, and Secure Remote Access

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The EDR-810 is a highly integrated industrial multiport secure router with firewall/NAT/VPN and managed Layer 2 switch functions. It is designed for Ethernet-based security applications on critical remote control or monitoring networks, and it provides an electronic security perimeter for the protection of critical cyber assets including pump-and-treat systems in water stations, DCS systems in oil and gas applications, and PLC/SCADA  systems in factory automation. The EDR-810 Series includes the following cybersecurity features:

  • Firewall/NAT: Firewall policies control network traffic between different trust zones, and Network Address Translation (NAT) shields the internal LAN from unauthorized activity by outside hosts.

  • VPN: Virtual Private Networking (VPN) is designed to provide users with secure communication tunnels when accessing a private network from the public Internet. VPNs use IPsec (IP Security) server or client mode for encryption and authentication of all IP packets at the network layer to ensure confidentiality and sender authentication.

EDR-810 Series secure routers and firewalls are your ideal choice to deploy network segmentation, data filtering, and secure remote access.

The Moxa Remote Connect Suite gives machine builders a secure yet flexible remote access solution to remotely interact with industrial equipment through PC-based software.

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